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Caybon is a world-leading digital media company focused on brand-driven content that drives tangible results


Richard Båge Founder & CEO of Caybon

Born 1971

CEO since 2019 as well as 2002-09 and 2013-14

Richard has founded and led several technology companies. He has also led companies through change processes including IPOs. Richard is the founder of Caybon (earlier Mediaplanet) and is CEO since 2019.

Other assignments: Chairman of the board for Aligro Planet Acquisition Company, Sturehof, Båge & Söner, NEA Partners

Earlier assigments: Co-founder and CEO of Insplanet, chairman of Meds and Yabie.

No. of shares: 326 150 corresponding 23,00% of the capital and votes.

Johan Janing CFO

Born 1974

CFO since 2014

Johan has an MBA from Stockholm University. Johan has worked at Caybon since 2009 and since 2014 as CFO.

Earlier assignments include work with Gulf Agency Company and Grant Thornton.

No. of shares: 5 000 

Henrik Lengstedt CIO & CDO

Born 1977

CIO/CDO since 2018

Earlier assignments. Henrik was formerly Head of business development at N365 and prior to that worked as marketing manager at several gaming companies.

No. of shares: 112

Sebastian Keta COO of Mediaplanet

Born 1982

COO of Mediaplanet since 2021

Sebastian has an MBA from Gothenburg University and Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Sebastian has worked at Caybon since 2012 and since 2021 as COO of Mediaplanet.

Earlier assignments include other various roles within Mediaplanet, management consultant at Ekan Management.

No. of shares: 5 000

Björn Forsgren CEO of N365

Born 1986

CEO of N365 since January 2021 (during 2021 on an interim basis)

Björn has a degree in journalism from Strömbäcks folkhögskola. He is a co-founder of N365 where he has worked since 2012.

Earlier assignments include work as a sports journalist at Aftonbladet and Västerbottenkuriren.

No. of shares: 29 729

Christian Ström Publisher Newsner

Born 1984

Publisher of Newsner since 2018

Christian has studied at Linköping University as well as Gothenburg University. He has worked at N365 since 2014, as editor and Country Manager for Denmark. Since 2018 he is responsible for the business area Newsner.

Earlier experience includes work as a journalist at Aftonbladet and Resumé.

No. of shares: 1 197

Jonna Säll CEO at Splay One Group

Born 1986 

CEO of Splay One Group since January 2022

Jonna holds a bachelor's degree in Art history and Visual Culture and a degree in Journalism. 

Earlier posts include CEO of N365, project and content manager at Wasp Communication and Bonnier News, journalist at Aftonbladet, and Editor at Nya Wermlandstidningen. 

No. of shares: 225

Elin Sahlström CEO APPELBERG

Born in 1985

CEO of Appelberg since 2018

Elin studied at Poppius School of Journalism and is a certified board member through Styrelseakademien. She has worked at Appelberg since 2017 as Head of Film and since 2018 as CEO.

Previous experience includes CEO at Pointbreak, a film production company, and work as editor and segment producer at Mastiff, Meter Film and Production and the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company.

Linus Wennerström CEO of Future Media Group

Born 1985

Linus holds an M.Sc. in international economics from Jönköping International Business School and University of Windsor. He founded Future Media Group (FMG) in 2013 and has been the acting CEO ever since.

Earlier experiences include Managing director positions at Mediaplanet, in both Sweden and Amsterdam.

No. of shares: 7 375

Saara Silvennoinen CPO

Born 1984

CPO since 2022

Earlier assignments; Saara was formerly Head of Talent and COO at Splay One and prior to that worked as PR and artist manager, business consultant and a journalist in the music and media industry. 

No. of shares: 0

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076-894 06 65